Chanca Piedra Extract Powder - 4 oz.
10:1 Strength
This is a 10:1 strength extract, that means that 10 lbs. of raw product were used to make 1 lb. of powder extract.
Also known gripeweed, shatterstone, and stonebreaker, Chanca Piedra is a tropical herb that benefits urinary tract and digestive health. Studies show it may help promote good kidney function.
Chanca Piedra, also known as "Stone Breaker" due to one of its most effective applications, has been used by the natives of South America for various uses over the centuries. Chanca Piedra contains numerous phytochemicals, including limonene, flavanoids, glycosides, alkaloids, lupeol, quercetin, rutin and saponins. Phytochemicals are strong antioxidants found in plants, and this species provides anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties as well.  
SKU: Chanca-Piedra-4oz

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