Pine Pollen 10:1 Strength Extract Powder - 1 lb.

Pure Pine Pollen Wild Harvested - Pinus Massoniana - 10:1 Strength.
This is a pure Pine Pollen Extract powder, with a 10:1 concentration.
That means it is 10 times stronger and more concentrated than a regular powder.
There are no added ingredients or carriers or fillers.
Pine Pollen powder is a nutrient powerhouse, a wild superfood extract from the Masson Pine trees.
It's been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine as a longevity tonic. Pine Pollen powder is known for its potent effect on vitality, endurance and inflammation.
It has been historically used for sexual and hormonal health. It's an herbal supplement that can benefit both men and women, and may help provide hormone support by helping to balance androgenic and estrogenic hormones; sustain a healthy sex life with energy and vitality.
It is known to increase energy; support better weight regulation; healthy joints; to balance androgenic and estrogenic hormones; and to improve cognitive function, stamina, and your immune system.
Pine Pollen powder is water soluble and may be mixed with water, juices, smoothies or added into recipes.
  • Pure Pine Pollen Wild Harvested - Pinus Massoniana - 10:1 Strength
  • Cracked Cell Wall at Low Temperature - Non-Gmo - Vegan Friendly
  • No GMOs, fillers, preservatives, added sugar, artificial flavors or colors; gluten free, paleo, vegan and keto friendly
  • Amino Acids - Antioxidents - Minerals - Immune Support



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