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Our Bilberry POWDER is a 4:1 fruit extract powder. 

This means it takes 4 lbs of fruit to make 1 lb. of powder,

so it's 4 times more potent and concentrated than other powders.


Bilberry has been used in traditional European medicine for almost a thousand years.

A close relative of the blueberry, cranberry and huckleberry,

the wild Bilberry is loaded with potent antioxidants including flavanoids and anthocyanins.

Bilberries also have high levels of tannins which are astringent plant polyphenols.

These major components are responsible for Bilberry's powerful antioxidant activity.

The flavonoid compounds found in raw Bilberries called anthocyanins are plant pigments

which may have amazing anti-aging, anti-oxidant and healing qualities.

Anthocyanins can fight free radicals in the body, strengthen blood capillaries and improve overall circulatory health.

Bilberries may strengthen coronary arteries by fighting the accumulation of digested fat.

With amazing healing qualities, antioxidant properties and the powerful anthocyanins,

the potential health benefits are numerous.  


The USDA recommends an intake of about 5,000 ORAC units a day.

Unfortunately, the average person only receives about 20%-25% of this amount.

Adding our Bilberry powder to your diet can quickly increase your daily ORAC value.

Our Bilberry 4:1 Extract Powder is the most potent form of Bilberry available.


Bilberries are said to improve vision , support eye health and help with eyestrain.

Helpful for supporting healthy blood sugar levels,

Bilberry is also used due to its beneficial effects in improving blood circulation,

maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and relief for nausea and indigestion.

Bilberry is high in antioxidant rich flavanoid compounds called anthocyanidins,

which have been shown to play a supporting role in maintaining

good cardiovascular health and a strong immune system.


Bilberries are also known to be helpful for maintaining joint health,

kidney and urinary tract health, as well as supporting healthy menstruation and digestive health. 


This product is 100% versatile and can be mixed with smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal,

juice, cereal, ice cream and so much more.

  Quality Assurance:

Our BILBERRY FRUIT powder is of Premium quality. 

Your powder is packed in a safety-sealed food-grade resealable foil bag

for maintaining maximum freshness and shelf-life.  



This information should not be interpreted as medical advice.

The descriptions and statements accompanying these products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

It is advised to consult your physician before beginning any supplement. 

Keep all products out of the reach of children.



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